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I’m a big believer in having information free and accessible to everyone, which is why I don’t keep my website behind a paywall. However, there are expenses to keep my blog up and running, and every hour I spend blogging is one hour less I have to generate income via my real job.

If you love what I do and want to help out, you can support me via:


Enter a custom amount via my official PayPal page. Whether it’s $1 or $100 every bit makes a difference in keeping my website up and running. I can also use your donation to offset the disproportionate percentage of my income that goes towards medical expenses.

Amazon Gift Card

I can use this to help me pay for the vitamins and supplements that keep me going. I spend hundreds of dollars per year on these items. You can enter a custom amount if you don’t have $25+. You can send the gift card to me at the following email address:

I realize many of you are struggling to pay your own medical expenses. Even if you’re not in a situation where you can donate anything monetarily for my blog, know that you are appreciated simply for donating time to read my blog and write the kind comments that so many of you do. 💚

Thanks so much for your support!