PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR MEDICAL ADVICE ABOUT DIAGNOSING OR TREATING SPECIFIC CASES OF PANS. As much as I would like to help everyone, for legal reasons, I cannot respond to these types of messages.

I highly recommend joining one of the many Facebook support groups on my Resources page where you can get questions answered quickly and meet many people with stories similar to mine.

Most questions about diagnosing PANS/PANDAS and how to find a doctor can be answered at the following sites:

For my personal diagnosis story, see:

If you’re new to PANS/AE, please visit my page: Help! I Think I Have PANS.


The contents of this website and any private messages do not constitute medical advice. I’m not qualified to give medical recommendations, and every case is different.  I’m not a doctor, therapist, or other medical professional. If you think you or someone you know has a neuroimmune condition, please see a doctor competent to treat the disorder. (There are some doctor lists on my Resources page, though I do not endorse any particular provider.) The purpose of this blog is only to give one patient’s perspective on what it’s like to live with and recover from PANS. It’s not intended as a substitute for professional advice. 

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