Write a Guest Blog

Once a month, I publish a guest blog from one of my readers. One of my goals with this is to drive home the point that I’m not a “unicorn” for being an adult with a so-called pediatric illness (PANS).

Would you like to be featured? Fill out the form below.

I’m primarily seeking stories from adults and teens who have neuroimmune illnesses such as PANS, autoimmune encephalitis, neuro-Lyme, ME/CFS, or any other condition that affects both the mind and body. People with psychiatric diagnoses are also welcome, as are parents of people with any of these conditionsso long as you have your kid’s permission to write about their story.

If you’re not completely sure what you’d like to blog about, share a few things about yourself or your story, and I can help you come up with some possible prompts. I look forward to hearing from you!