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Guest Posts

I’m always looking for new opportunities to write guest posts on other blogs!  Click here to contact me.

My writing has already been featured on several blogs other than my own, including The Mighty, Editage Insights, Lyme News, and the New England PANS Blog:

The Mighty:

Editage Insights:

Lyme News:

New England PANS:

My Background

Well, the tricky part of anonymity is I can’t exactly share anything else I’ve done without compromising my identity—just like I don’t get to put this website on my resume, even though it’s one of the things I’m most proud of.

I work in a STEM field (which I love), but writing is also my passion, and I can’t imagine my life without it.  It helps me make sense of the chaos that is my mind, it gives me a way to connect with others, and it allows me to derive some meaning from the things that have happened to me.  I plan to write in some form or another for as long as I live.