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Guest Posts

I’m always looking for new opportunities to write guest posts on other blogs!  Click here to contact me.

My writing has already been featured on several blogs other than my own, including The Mighty, Lyme News, and the New England PANS Blog:

The Mighty:

Lyme News:

New England PANS:

My Background

I started keeping journals right as I got sick in 2006, at eleven years old.  Writing became a way for me to make sense of my thoughts and experiences and to reflect on the world around me.

I learned basic web design as a teenager and started publishing my writing on my own blogs and websites.  Let’s just say this isn’t anywhere close to the first blog I’ve built!  Blogging helped me discover my passion for writing, and my studies in college have confirmed it.  I now hold a Bachelor degree, and I intend to write in some form or another for the rest of my life.

I’m currently working on my first book: a how-to guide and memoir on facing college while fighting chronic illness.  I expect it to be completed in late 2018 and published sometime in 2019.  Click here to read more about it!