My Books

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How I Finished College While Fighting PANS

(That’s not the title, but that’s what it’s about!)

In 2018, I plan to release my first book: a recounting of how I graduated college with Honors while battling PANS and Lyme disease.

It will be part how-to guide, with plenty of practical tips on everything from what to do in high school to make college easier, to managing flares while away from home, to taking care of your own dorm/apartment.  It will also be part memoir, sharing anecdotes of how I applied the tips for myself while in school.

If you have a specific question or aspect of college that you would like to see me address in my book, please send me a message on my contact page!


My Recovery Memoir

I’d like to release this in the next couple of years, but I want to be farther along in my recovery first.

As far as I know, there are no other first-person memoirs about PANS.  It’s great that PANS parents are telling their family’s story, but we need survivors to talk about it themselves to help validate the legitimacy of this illness.

When I was eleven, just before I became ill, something told me that I needed to start journaling.  It was like someone told me something profound was about to happen, and I would have to remember as much as possible someday.

I have twelve years of first-person journals, as my illness was unfolding, about what it was like to have PANS as a child/teen.  I may literally be the only person on the planet with this level of documented detail about my PANS experience.  My book will incorporate quotes from these entries (at least, from the best ones).

My memoir will focus mainly on the three years since I was diagnosed and began treatment, but I will definitely include significant content from the undiagnosed years, too.

I’ve been through too much on account of PANS, and I don’t want anyone else to go through what I have.  I hope that by sharing my story, some people will get the help they need.  And maybe I can bring some hope to those who have already been diagnosed, who feel alone in their journey.