On the Radio Today! A Special for PANS Awareness Day 2018

Today is PANS Awareness Day 2018.  There’s so much I could write as someone who has lived with PANS for most of my lifeeven more than I’ve already said in the 100,000+ words I’ve written in previous posts on this blog.

However, I’m doing things differently this year, and instead of posting about PANS awareness, I’m going to speak on national talk radio.  I’ll be interviewed on Worcester, Massachusetts’s John DiPietro show along with some New England PANS Association board members and a PANS parent.

You can tune in online from anywhere in the world!  I’ll speak at 5:30 PM Eastern Time (GMT-4), but the whole 5:00-6:00 show is dedicated to PANS Awareness today.  Go to this link and click “Listen Live” in the upper left corner of the homepage:

Listen to WTAG Radio


Because grad school has kept me too busy to write a new post for PANS Awareness Day, I thought I might as well send along some of my best awareness posts out of those 100,000 words I’ve written before:

These 3 Myths About PANS Are Ruining Lives: A Response to Misguided Medicine

Why PANS/PANDAS Awareness Matters: An Open Letter to Legislators

Why Therapy Isn’t Enough When You Have OCD & PANS/PANDAS

Not About Symptoms: The Truth on PANS/Lyme Recovery

Why PANS Awareness Saves Lives

Why PANDAS Awareness Matters

How PANS Really Feels

I Wish all of you a healthy PANS Awareness Day! 

I hope this year will bring hope and healing to every one of you.

Let’s keep fighting for the day when all doctors will not only recognize this disorder but offer effective treatmentsand for insurance to cover these life-saving interventions.  It’s been twenty years since the first paper on PANDAS was published, and although we’ve come a long way, we still have so far to go.  I hope you’ll join me in fighting for the cure.

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